Dear friends,

We’re back! And we’re very happy to announce the release of the first single “Outside of Cool v.2” from our upcoming album Temporary Cures (K&F Records), which will come out on 29.11.2019 in Canada, and 6.12.2019 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the dates for our cross-Canada tour.

Part confession, part dreaming, part self-deprecation, Outside of Cool v.2 is the final version of many, and our first single for the album. Daniel Schröteler nailed the drums and Miles Perkin filled all the right spaces with bass. You can hear it now on all digital platforms here (will be available in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria on October 18th!!).

For the video, we hung a white sheet over a metal pole, bought some beer, charged up our two iphones, and asked our dear friend and collaborator Marlène Colle (of Yippie Yeah) to show us some dance moves, and then started recording. This is what came out, pure low-fi vibes from Berlin. Merci infiniment Marlène, and special thanks to Ramtin Zanjani for his studio, his support, and his willingness to jump in and help with the process of it all.
And and and….so excited to announce this one: we’ll be coming back home to Canada for a cross-Canada tour later this November and December. We haven’t toured Canada since 2014, so this is long overdue!

Here are all the dates:
29.11 – Trois-Rivières, QC – Café Zénob
30.11 – Québec City, QC – Maelstrom
01.12 – Saint Mélanie, QC – TBA
02.12 – Toronto, ON – Dakota Tavern – early show 7pm
04.12 – Montréal, QC – Casa del Popolo
07.12 – Knowlton, QC – Theâtre de Lac Brome
08.12 – Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre
09.12 – Saskatoon, SK – TBC
11.12 – Edmonton, AB – The Aviary
12.12 – Calgary, AB – King Eddy
13.12 – Penticton, BC – Dream Café
14.12 – Campbell River, BC – TBA
15.12 – Victoria, BC – Lucky Bar
16.12 – Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore Cabaret

And finally, you can now pre-order the new album Temporary Cures on You can check it all out here.

Thanks so much for the all the support we’ve gotten so far. You’ll be hearing from us a couple more times this year as we release a few more videos for the release.

Onwards and onwards dear friends. If you share the geography, we would love to see you on the next Canadian tour. The European tour for the release will be coming in 2020…:)!

With affection,


Offenbach. Cologne. Münster. Möllenhagen.

Happy to announce a few more shows to close the summer.

  • 15.09 Offenbach, DE @ Hafen 2
  • 16.09 Cologne, DE @ Private Concert (please private message for details)
  • 17.09 Münster, DE @ Sofa Concert (please private message for details)
  • 18.09 Möllenhagen, DE @ Büdnerei Lehsten

Summer Festival Season is here

Come out and see your friendly neighbourhood Kliffs at one of these fine venues or festivals!

Happy Kliffs EP Release Day & New Video

Dear friends,

We are excited to announce that on this spring day, the 5th of April, 2019 from Berlin, Germany we are releasing our KLIFFS EP!

We made this EP in the spirit of one of those perfect endless summer days where the casual congregation of friends, a park, a soccer ball, conversation, an impromptu concert by the canal, and the slipping sun on the horizon leave you with the full realization of how good it is to be alive. Then you walk home complete and at ease with the bittersweet of parting.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

You can stream it on all your favourite platforms, or if you’re the tactile type, you can order one of the limited edition 10-inch 45-rpm freshly pressed vinyls! (CDsare also available, naturally)
Kristina and I are also happy to announce the release of the video for our second single STRATOSPHERE. It was directed and shot by the very talented and absolutely fantastic human being, Bastien Le Bron, of Das Playground. You can check it out here.
And finally here are the upcoming concert dates in May:
02.05.2019 HANNOVER, DE – Feinkost Lampe
 (Tickets available at door)
 03.05.2019 HAMBURG, DE – Nochtwache
 04.05.2019 BERLIN, DE – Maze
 05.05.2019 DRESDEN, DE – Beatpol (with
 07.05.2019 MÜNCHEN, DE – Zehner
 09.05.2019 FRANKFURT, DE – Brotfabrik
 10.05.2019 KÖLN, DE – Wohngemeinschaft
 11.05.2019 KARLSRUHE, DE – Café Nun
 12.05.2019 MÜNSTER, DE – Pension Schmidt
15.05.2019 LUCERNE, CH – Private Concert
16.05.2019 NEUCHÂTEL, CH – Bar King
17.05.0219 ANNECY, FR – Tilleuls
18.05.2019 DINGY, FR – Private Concert
19.05.2019 VEVEY, CH – Le Bout du Monde

Tickets availabe here, or at the door!

You made it to the end! Woot woot!

With love, your Kliffs <3

new name, new ep, new album

Dear friends,

It’s us, Mark Bérubé and Kristina Koropecki, and we have some news we would like to share with you. We know it may have been a while since we saw each other, somewhere in a city or a town, on a stage big or small, having a beer or a glass of wine before or after a show.

A lot has happened since we released Russian Dolls in 2013 – we moved to Berlin, tried and failed, and tried again to learn German, learned some new tricks and started recording our songs in our own studio in east Berlin, acquired some new synths and other musical toys. Mark did a Masters degree (classic escapism *cough cough*), Kristina went on tour with Agnes Obel, and joined a new German band called Yippie Yeah.

We also changed our band name to KLIFFS. Yes, at long last, and after hours of agonizing over it, we took the plunge.

You see, this whole time we have been toiling, fighting, rejoicing, and ultimately continuing to work on our little tributes (our songs) to an art form we love, and now we are very happy to announce that we will be releasing the first part of the last 5 years of work: our KLIFFS E.P.!

So you might be asking yourself, “Why did they change the band name?” In the end, everything can be reduced to a simple fact: the music we make is the result of the efforts of two people who are co-writers, co-arrangers, co-boxers, co-producers and co-dreamers.

So what is different about the music? Well, we’ll just let you listen to it. Those of you who have been with us for the past 10-15 years will notice the evolution. For those who are new to us, I think Kristina summed it up poetically and perfectly here:

Kliffs write recycled tone poems for the perpetually bemused, and pop songs for shy dancers. They channel the quiet of early morning sun rays tickling cloud banks and mix it up with songs better suited to late-night inner city bicycle rides.”

So this new EP of ours will be released on April 5th, 2019 with help from our friends at K&F Records in Germany and Two Gentlemen Records in Switzerland (and for the world). It’ll be available on all your favourite digital platforms, but first, TODAY! we want to release the first single of the E.P. – “Cliffs”.

Our new video for “Cliffs” has been premiered by Indie88 in Toronto, Canada. You can watch the video here! And you can listen to it on Spotify here!

Here are some stills from the video, featuring Marlène Colle, the lead singer and songwriter of Yippie Yeah, who is the star dancer, candle-blower, and boxer of our first video!

So this new EP of ours will be released on April 5th, 2019 with help from our friends at K&F Records in Germany and Two Gentlemen Records in Switzerland (and for the world). It’ll be available on all your favourite digital platforms, but first we want to release the first single of the E.P. – “Cliffs”.

This song is a special one on many levels for us, mainly it’s impressive because it’s actually the first song that came from the acute and talented brain of Kristina, but also because it’s our first singing duet. You can hear it here, and you can see the video that Kristina made for it here (with her iphone!) starring our dear friend Marlène Colle (the lead singer/writer from Yippie Yeah) .

AND, we’re so happy to say, that we’ll be hitting the road again. For the first part of the release tour, we will be staying fairly close to home, but we are dreaming and scheming of coming to see all our old friends, so keep your eyes and ears open for us…

Here are the first dates:

  • 02.05.2019 HANNOVER – Feinkost Lampe
  • 03.05.2019 HAMBURG – Nochtwache
  • 04.05.2019 BERLIN – Maze
  • 05.05.2019 DRESDEN – Beatpol (Double concert with Bergen)
  • 07.05.2019 MÜNCHEN – Zehner
  • 09.05.2019 FRANKFURT – Brotfabrik
  • 10.05.2019 KÖLN – Wohngemeinschaft
  • 11.05.2019 KARLSRUHE – Café Nun
  • 12.05.2019 MÜNSTER – Pension Schmidt

We would love to see you there if you are in the area. If not, hopefully the next tour will bring us closer. If you live in Northern Russia, invite us up for a show. And in either case, let’s meet sonically on the internet.

With affection,